Forms of Life

If we go down in scale, we encounter an unbelievable variety of forms, colours and solutions to the problem of getting food, shelter, security and mates.

Totally different from the lifeforms of our own scale, they sometimes can be alien , surprising, funny or - for some - even scary or disgusting.

At this level of magnification, the camera lens only has a millimetre or less of relative sharpness and everything small moves at astonishing speeds, so it really becomes a kind of "hunting", even though nobody is hurt.

At other times you encounter a very patient Butterfly who is not disturbed in the slightest, even though the camera lens is only some millimetres away from him. Or you look an Anolis lizard in the eye and suddenly feel the wisdom of aeons looking back at you.

At the Icelandic black-volcanic-sand beach you find a jellyfish - hours or minutes before it was the most elegant and fragile, weightless swimmer in the cold and dark ocean, now it has become an innert mass of transparent jelly, never to fly again.


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Ready for takeoff!




Pumpkin honey



Was gugst du?

I'm looking at you kid

I'm not looking at you kid

Totall Transparency!

Totally green!

Nights in white Satin

Dinner is served!

Oh Shit!