Bitwig Studio

and Friends

I first met the people from the Berlin-based audio software company Bitwig at Musikmesse 2013 and instantly liked the energy and passion they showed for their - then still unreleased but already amazing - software.

Later on I became a very active beta-tester, started to write Bitwig controller scripts for my own midi hardware and after the application was finally released on March 26 2014, I wrote some tutorials on Bitwig Studio tips and tricks and intros on how to create your own controller scripts and other topics.

This then led to me working for Bitwig as a freelancer for a while, working on the design of a controller script website with the web developers, helping other artist via mail and the KVR audio forum, writing more creative scripts for various controllers and supporting the startup in multiple areas to make my dream-come-true DAW software even better. :-)

The images here are photos I made of the Bitwig Studio 1.0 box.
Feel free to use them as wallpapers non-commercially.
For commercial use, please contact me.

All logos, trademarks and original artwork belong of course to the Bitwig GmbH.


Bitwig: Macro Shot of the Packaging

Bitwig: Inner Box Packshot