Life, Love...

...and other friends.

A series of images on the tension field between natural and artificial.

Is life natural or artificial? Easy.

Is something a human creates from materials that are natural (ultimately everything is, isn't it?) natural or artificial?

And what if a human creates code that creates natural looking forms?

The longer one thinks about it, the more artificial the definitions themselves become... :-)

These images were designed via node-based code with the Rhino Plugin Grasshopper and further refined with Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

My soundscape "Digital Nature" was created with the same natural <-> artificial field of tension in mind as the images - a fitting background while you watch:


LIFE GROWTH created in Grasshopper

LOVE HEART created in Grasshopper

Organic Hexatree created in Grasshopper

EARTH created in Grasshopper

Organic ScreenDream created in Grasshopper