Black & White

Fractals can be all dazzling with saturated colour, elaborate form and extreme complexity.

But they can also go in another direction where a calm, more simple, often unexpected beauty emerges.

Some of them feel like the painter just had a quick go at an idea, some are like forms behind a transparent screen you can't really see fully, some are regular geometric exercises as if from a math class, some feel like ink was applied in very flowing loose motions - or is flowing through water...

High quality prints of these images are available here: FineArtAmerica


Smoothest Minimal Fractal BW

Landscape on the Wind Fractal BW

Gone Fishing Fractal BW

Leaf Fractal BW

Seeds Fractal BW

Circles Fractal BW

Slingshot Fractal BW

My Orbit Fractal BW

Lines Fractal BW

Lines inverted Fractal BW