and Visualisations

This gallery spans a wide range of looks, topics, ideas and intents.

From the dark red machines that are very technical but rendered in a bold style to the blue rendering of a glass with strong caustics which initially was perfectly photo-real but in post was turned into almost a painting.

From a warm wooden logo for a man who loves wood and bamboo to hard and cold needles and scissors.

From illustrative pens for a recycling companys yearbook to the minimalist illustrative red spheres for an IT companies website.

From the intense colours of falling letters to a free interpretation of brain cells.

From the tablecloth globe focused on our currently troubled Europe to an unknown fluffy animal hiding: "In my shell I'm warm and well".


What do you need illustrated?


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Steam Engine

Clockwork Red

A glass of Water in Blue

Logo Design GvS

Needles and Pins

Scissors and Pins




Brain Cells

Europe on the table

In my shell I'm warm and well

Lobster Black and White