Toms Surround Panner

The surround panner I always wanted for Bitwig Studio

(Sorry, nur in Englisch)

I do almost all my sound work in Bitwig Studio and in surround, but Bitwig Studio only has stereo tracks, so working in surround needs some clever routing tricks, but otherwise works very well.

Originally I had built a surround panner from Bitwig factory devices and while it works okay, it's a bit of a cludge and not the easiest thing to use. (See this tutorial if you want to see how this can be done: Surround Sound in Bitwig Studio - Part One ).

So after I wrote the second part of above tutorial, which shows much easier and userfriendly ways to deal with surround in Bitwig Studio with the help of the very well implemented group tracks in version 1.2+, I wanted to finally create the surround panner that would deal with everything I typically need in one go: Manual panning with a big XY pad, LFO based rotation around the listener and random movements. All of them can be faded into each other gradually and mixed and matched to taste.
The desired centre speaker amount can be dialled in and the two outer front speakers are faded out when the cursor is in the centre in that case.
Also, the LFE amount can be set and a cutoff frequency for it is available.

The output follows the Windows surround pattern: LF, RF, C, LFE, LR, RR

In Bitwig Studio one only has to load the ensemble into a Reaktor 6 instance and create three output chains on the multi-output page of the Reaktor device, those then are Front, Center & LFE and Rear respektively.

It's built completely in Reaktor Core (other than the GUI) so performance should be good.

Toms Surround Panner


Download the Reaktor 6 ensemble here:

Toms Surround Panner

Check the second part of the surround Tutorial here:

Surround Sound in Bitwig Studio - Part Two



Toms Surround Panner Reaktor 6