Toms Midi Mangler

A tool to randomise Midi in probabilistic ways... :-)

(Sorry, nur in Englisch)

In Ableton Live, there were a couple of small but rather helpful Midi tools I often used to create pseudo-random variation from simple clips.

I missed those tools in my other DAWs, so, since I no longer use Ableton Live, I re-created my most used configuration for two other systems, Native Instruments fabulous node based toolkit Reaktor 6 and UVIs extremely versatile powerhouse Instrument Falcon:


Native Instruments Reaktor 6:

Toms Midi Mangler for Reaktor 6

This tool has the following settings:

Note Probability: will the note sound at all or not, 0 = no notes go through, 100 = all notes will be played.

Random Seed: Determines the initial random seed for the randomness. You can usually ignore it.

Velocity Probability: Probability of Velocity being changed.

Random Velocity: If the note is selected by Probability, this parameter sets the maximum amount of change.

(Velocity) Direction: Should the change go only Up(wards) from the incoming velocity, Down(wards) or in Both directions?

Pitch Probability: Probability of the notes pitch getting changed.

Random Pitch: If the note pitch should be changed, how many half notes is the maximum?

(Pitch) Direction: Should pitch only be transformed Up(wards), Down(wards) or in Both directions.

Panic: Stop all Notes. Sometimes there can be hanging notes, here they can be ended.

Upper Note Limit: Highest Note allowed. Higher Notes are re-directed to the range between Upper and Lower Note Limit. Great if you have samples only on a limited note range and want to limit your notes to that range.

Lower Note Limit: The lowest Note allowed. 

Output Remapper: Here you can set a certain scale for your result. 

Key: Set the key for the scale you want. 

Mode: Set the mode for the scale you want or chromatic for an unaltered output. 

The graph window below shows the steps used and can be also used to draw your own user steps.

In Bitwig Studio, you can simply place Reaktor 6 in your device chain at any point before the instrument you want to provide with mangled Midi and load this ensemble.
In other hosts you have to check how they deal with Midi-plugins, sometimes you will have to create extra tracks for this ensemble and route the result to your instrument track.

Download: for Reaktor 6


UVI Falcon:

Toms Midi Mangler for UVI Falcon

As you can see, the parameters are pretty much the same, although the script is written in LUA using Falcons very nice and easy to use scripting abilities. 

Put the extracted file "Toms Midi Mangler.lua" in your "...Documents/UVI/Falcon/User Presets/EventProcessors/Script Processor" folder, then it should show up in Falcon in the Script Processor tab. From there you can drag it to any position in the Events tab, for instance after an arpeggiator to make it more alive... :-)

Download: for Falcon





Toms Midi Mangler UVI Falcon

Toms Midi Mangler NI Reaktor 6